Casino games

The casinos Americans provide employer with a dazzling array of slot machines, plus craps, roulette, and baccarat. Some casinos have poker games (usually stud) while others, catering to small-time players, bidding-a-luck of bidding, bingo, keno, and a variety of well-known games.

In France, you will find lighthouse more often, the “trente et quarante más” and “French bank”, two simple games that are not played in the US, or in England.

Slot machines are a relative rarity outside the US, but by far the most popular form of play, when and where they appear in numbers.

The odds against the player in the slots are staggering. The only worst game is the lotteries run by the government where, next to the statute, the house has a 50 percent advantage. The slot machine – a more ingenious device – can be set by the house to take you for any desired percentage.

The average is between 25 and 70 percent of everything deposited. This means that you can expect to lose 25 cents of every dollar you put into a slot machine – and that you are not surprised if it is 70 cents, or even more.

The only limit in the greed of the house is what he thinks the public will tolerate.

In actual practice, the best slots tend to be found near the front doors of large casinos. They are there for the same reason that supposed loss leaders are stacked up at the ends of the aisles in their local supermarket: they attract more customers to the more expensive merchandise.

If you are a tourist in Las Vegas, or Atlantic City, just take a stroll past the big gambling dens, and you will look through the open door and see a large, bright, inviting slot machine Who unloads a stack of nickels in the lap of some happy player, you are not going to be just tempted little?

And what if you decide to spend a buffalo or two, just to see what will happen, and you earn five dollars? Are not you likely to look with favor on the idea of ??spending a bit more time, and money, at the casino?

If you feel that way, do not you suppose most other people’s will, too?

If you answered yes, you are already thinking like a casino owner.

As you work your way back from the casino door, slots start saving a larger percentage of every dollar invested in them. The managers of the Play-house have more than one trick on their sleeves.

Not only is it a mistake to assume that you are twice as likely to win if you play two machines at once, but casinos often have it so installed that you are more than twice as likely to lose.

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