Richard Lyndaker Age 25 Stops Poker Online

This is one of the news that is currently on the front page of the online poker press right now. After accumulating the losses on PokerStars , Richard “nutsinho” Lyndaker is considering just 25 years of stopping online poker for a moment at least.

This may seem surprising especially when we know that at the beginning of the year his winnings during his poker games on the net allowed him to total more than 2 million dollars online. But one thing to know is that since “nutsinho” is like who would say the biggest loser of the year on PokerStars. Indeed, the total of his losses amounts to nearly $ 900,000 ($ 875,200 to be precise), a figure that may indeed call into question a future as an online poker player.

About this situation, the player said “My bad run continues over and over … It never stops, I will probably stop online poker in 2 months. November will be the last month of “nutsinho” on PokerStars. It’s sad… “. For the moment it seems that the online poker room number 1 of the French market will lose one of these players only temporarily, a case to follow.

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