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Is it true that if you play 6-7 number areas on the roulette wheel you will win more often? I play this system with mixed results. Is there any system that really works?

The Guru replies:

You can’t just arbitrarily play 7 number sections of the wheel and expect to win. To be successful, you must play the patterns and in order to do that the wheel must be spinning up definite readable patterns. But this is one of the best approaches that I’ve ever found. I personally have never had a lot of long term success playing live in the casino using this approach.

Like most everything else, it works well sometimes and other times it really bombs. I have done well while practicing at home and using either live spins which I’ve recorded or spins from the Roulette System Tester. If roulette is your game and you are determined to learn to beat the game, then this approach is probably as good a framework to work from as any other. But it won’t be easy. It will take hundreds of hours of practice and some real determination.

As far as any definite roulette system that is a long term winner, I currently know of none. However, I have got some new information being sent to me next week and I’m always getting systems in to test as well as my own developments. If I find something good that I can endorse, I will let you know.

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